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Who welcomes you

We have been running Albergo Pallone since 2009 and our mantra is the word accoglienza-welcoming.

It is a simple and low cost accommodation located in the heart of Bologna city center. It welcomes under the same roof tourists, students and workers, but also people who are living a fragile period of their lives. It is also a place where we carry on projects of training and education for disadvantaged people. Here there is also a tavern, La Buca del Pallone, where with the same philosophy we connect food, solidarity and welcoming.

Albergo Pallone tries to recreate our image of the society, seen as a long and mixed troop, where who is ahead often turns, observes, encourages and supports who goes more slowly.

Cooperativa Sociale La Piccola Carovana ONLUS

Albergo Pallone

Albergo is a place of meeting, exchange and culture that allows us to see Bologna from a different point of view, being "in the middle of the city", between history, attractions and contradictions. With a stay at Albergo Pallone you choose to sustain the people we welcome and we follow in their paths to find a job, giving them the possibility to have a second occasion.


Where we are

Our accommodation is in the heart of the city and allows to easily visit the city center and make different tours to discover Bologna. Hikes, cycling tours, food tours, tours to discover the culture and history of Bologna.



We offer to live Bologna in a completely different way, giving to the word accoglienza a deepest meaning. You can also try the dishes of our tavern La Buca del Pallone.

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