Self-production, environmental sustainability and resilience: welcome to the agriculture of the future!

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We are Stefania and Silverio, 'pugliesi' for choice! 'Calì' (from Greek good and black, as the Black vineyard of Troia!) is more than a farm, it is a way of living. It is a story of young people who went back to their homeland, hopeful and aware that this choice would have signed our destiny and the one of other people. The will of change is so much, as the will of building authentic human relations (so we have chosen Human Destination!). We are in continue evolution and revolution...we want to be the proof the Italy is changing!


Silverio & Stefania

Azienda Agricola Naturale Calì

Waking up at dawn, a natural breakfast and rushing in the fields! Azienda agricola Calì is a special place where we will try to give you all the enthusiasm we feel in self-producing our food, the vegetables, the oil and the wine. For now we don't have the possibility to host you in the farm; our house and so the accommodation are in the city, but your experience will be in the farm.

Where we are

Our city, Andria, is located in a strategical place, 10-15 km from the most suggestive tourism destinations: the maniero Federiciano Castel del Monte, the Alta Murgia National Park, the Castle and the Cathedral of Trani, the Castello Svevo di Barletta, the thermal baths at Margherita di Savoia with the Reserve of the Saline, the natural caves in Canosa di Puglia, a city build on tuff.



We organize workshops of self-production, as bread making with natural yeast and ancient grains, olive harvesting, olive oil making and extra virgin olive oil tasting, grape harvesting and wine making, and experiences in the field of natural agriculture. You can visit the chicken coop, use the eggs of our free range happy chickens and shop in our FruttOrto!

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